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The EAS in action is a take Apart Adjustable Emitter that attaches to 1/4" poly distribution drip tubing.

Jack The Slayer 7220 : ok
Matthew was the Imposter : intense beeping
Cheesy_X_ : EAS is a brand that makes hoses (EAS Change Systems). The other EAS is the Emergency Alert System. This is a hose made by EAS Change systems if that clears anything up.
gavin Redden : Clickbait
Chaotic 5 Generation : Get watered
InklingExploiter : Haha get emitter'd
2Pixelated : I agree
Rosie Marquez : This is not even a Emergency Alert System BORING
petermine gta 5 : Uhh
Trainguy #28 : WTF IS THIS!?

Emergency Alert System (EAS) as Fast As Possible

The Emergency Alert System (EAS), designed to warn people about weather hazards and other civil emergencies, is a fixture on American TV and radio. How does it work, and what's up with that creepy automated voice, anyway?

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Chilly_Games : Pandemic..
Efteron : When the COVID pandemic started, and literally everyone knew about it, our telephone lines decided to send out EAS tones just to say "Please wash your hands and wear a mask". Nothing more.
It scared the fuck out of me because it blared on the TV, on our phones, and on the radio, I thought shit was about to go down.
For reference I live in Romania
SUPAH MARIO : the EAS needs to be less harsh sounding
LiamKat : These somehow sound like a song for me. Or just like to listen to scary things. I think it would be the last.
Adam Madi : "Impending Pandemic" Hahaha..

Good one, Linus.....
JJ cika : impending pandemic you say....
Max Dutiel : Wait, did Linus predict the future. This video was from 2016, so did he somehow know that Covid was coming?
Andrew Gaming : What about the alert ready message and the loud sound
BruhPuppy : Why is linus here?
IVI0STH8D : I got an amber alert last night and I was really scared lmfao

EAS Song

Song about getting out of the marine corps
Theater of the Absurd : Even though I'm army I love all u oef oif guys and gals that gave some from 2001-2012 we rocked. Oh I'm smoking weed right now!!!
A Lone Patriot : 30 days baby!! The song of several generations of grunts. Sadly with the GWOT basically totally over, most of the boots just don't know what this shit really means.
Evan Krikke : Make him famous
M4Racing : They showed us this as a motivating video in MCT in 2015 hahah
Running Sparrow : Cots still feel better than my gfs bed lol
tj G : Post 2014 non sof GWOT anthem
Novacaine 93 : Not a Marine... was a Soldier, but i felt this shit anyway.
Jonathan Caldwell : 240 mmg
Jonathan Caldwell : nigga
Gdhcbgxg Gshcgs : 1:02c




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