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NASA now investigating Navy's UFO videos: 'There is something there'

The growing number of UFO sightings from military pilots and civilians is driving action at NASA. New administrator Bill Nelson said the space agency is giving the sightings serious attention and investigating, because at this point, the sightings defy explanation.

As a former member of the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee and now the head of NASA, few have more insight on the eyewitness accounts than Nelson.

"It’s not just those couple of Navy pilots. This has happened now among a number of aviators. So there is something there. We just don’t know what it is," he said.

MORE: https://www.fox13news.com/news/nasa-administrator-investigating-us-navy-ufo-sightings

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LifestyleGraffiti : What if what we call UFOs and aliens are timetravelers that get spotted by us every now and then.
Your Karma : Trump is the only reason this is coming out. He wanted a space force & was laughed at.
End Times Are Here : UFO's are Satan and his demons manifesting to deceive the world and keep people off balance. Nothing more. The evil people in our society, government, and media are complicit in this mass deception. This is all designed to create doubt in the believers in One Holy God and Creator. This is false, similar to the other lies that are being spun by the media and the government. It is all designed to distract and manipulate us while they are planning and plotting. This UFO hoax will be used to explain the disappearance of thousands of Christians in the coming Rapture of the church. There are witnesses out there that will testify to that.
Mithila vlog 96 : anyone Indian
MIKE-E LIKES IT : Biden is slow at everything... Even walking up stairs.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Weighs in on Pentagon UFO Report and Alien Life | The View

The astrophysicist and "Cosmic Queries" author discusses Jeff Bezos' upcoming space trip and if the UFOs allegedly spotted by Navy pilots could be extraterrestrial or foreign aircraft on "The View."

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Ms. Gordon : So many but hurt people Logical doesn’t care about your feelings.
Don Cummings : People have been in space multiple times what are people worried or interested for I don’t understand and who cares o and people have been on the moon get bezo’s to the moon and we will talk about a life changing moment but not a few seconds above the atmosphere or stratosphere or like Neil said mars
Joedy Nokiano :

The ufo truth
Darren Henderson : I've noticed how loosely the word 'genius' used.
Nimesh Patel : I used to like Neil.

Not anymore.

Because he is so full of himself and does not have an open mind.

"외계 우주선 증거 없지만"…의문 남긴 UFO 보고서 (2021.06.05/뉴스데스크/MBC)

미확인 비행물체, UFO는 정말 있는 걸까요, 없는 걸까요? 지난 20년 동안 미군에 보고된 목격담만 120건이 넘는다고 합니다. 결국 미국 정보당국이 조사에 나섰는데요.

#UFO, #미확인비행물체, #미국
나락 : 우주에서보면 지구는 지구안에 있는 개미보다도 작은행성인데
이넓은 우주에서 생명체가 지구밖에없다?
남인Life : ufo는 있지만 행성간 여행은 불가능 지구에서 돌아다니는 영상 전부다 돈벌이를 위한 조작이거나 자연현상 드론 이 지구에서 중력이 과 공기가 있는한 소음을 안내고 엄청빠른 속도와 급회전 및 유턴 불가능 고로 조작 조작이란 증거는 전부다 거의 빛을내며 몸뚱이는 노출안하는것다 궁금증을 유발해야지 오래오래 울가먹지 외계인은 존재한다 우주는 끝이없고 은하도 무재한으로 존재한다 그런데 이 끝없는 우주의 떠다니는 물질들은 어디서 왔을까 참 신비한 공간이로다 이 우주가 거대 거인의 몸속은 아닐까
Fhxsve 1809 : 진짜 외계 우주선이라면 적어도 공격은 하면 안됨
네모난꿈 : 진짜 답답하다 ㅋㅋㅋ 맨날 ~~ 저렇게만 찍고
좀더 확실한 증거 없나?? 재대로좀 찍어보던가;
아이릭 : 왜 항상 이런건 저화질이냐




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