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SD카드 간단 정리

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0:42 Form factors
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1:54 Speed Class
3:09 Application performance class
3:54 Bus interface

'128GB가 2만원? 24만원?' SD카드 어떻게 고를까요,

SD카드 하나 사려다가 보니까 생각보다 복잡하네요.

카드 윗면에 빈틈이 없을 만큼 이것저것 쓰여 있는 것들이 많죠. 이번에 새로 산 카드도 SDXC, UHS-II, V60, U3, C10 같은 글자들이 빽빽하게 쓰여 있습니다.

사실 별 것 아닌데 이것저것 규격이 어수선하게 만들어지다 보니까 더 헷갈리는 게 많은 것 같습니다. 생각난 김에 정리를 좀 해봤습니다.

SD카드, 용량만 보고 골랐다면 다음에는 규격도, 그리고 카메라의 스펙도 함께 살펴보세요.

how to boot your raspberry pi using 1Gb or 2Gb sd card

Raspberry pi
Raspberry tutorial
get started with pi
pi boot process

In this video i am telling you how to boot your raspberry pi using flash drive or usb. In case you don't have memory card of sufficient memory like if you are having memory card of 2gb and u know that the os is of 4gb so you cant boot that in 2gb card so you will need sd card of greater memory or you can boot your pi using usb. You can see here i have sd card of 2gb and i am using usb drive of 32 gb so i will boot my usb drive. So lets get started.
First thing you need to download the raspbian os and win32 disk imager. You can download it from here or links are given below in description.
Once you have downloaded these two things,
Open win32 disk imager and selecr usb drive and locate the raspbian os here and then click write. It will take some time so keep patience until we are done.
Okay so now as you can see that the write is successful we will go to the booted usb and copy all the files and paste it in sd card and then you will have to change the default boot path from sd card to usb drive. Open sd card and find the file cmdline. Text in notepad or something else and here find root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 and replace it with root=/dev/sda2 and save it. This will instruct your raspberry pi to boot from flash drive instead of sd card.
Now unmount both your usb and card and pop them into your pi and switch it on and it will start booting from your usb drive and it will be quicker than sd card.
You can see my 32 gb usb showing 64 mb, in the next video i will be telling you how to fix this.
Thank you subscribe my channel for more.

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