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PW137 - Epson Stylus Photo R2880 Video Review

Today we take a long hard look at Epson's R2880, an A3+ printer aimed at prosumer and advanced amateur photographers with 9 inks including 3 blacks. We also take a moment to compare it with its predecessor, the extremely popular R2400.

The EPSON R2880 is FINE! So Let's Print on CANSON WC Paper

Well it was the Carts that were bad!
So into the trash they went.
Now I was able to create a custom Colormunki photo Profile for the CASON Aquarelle Uncoated Paper using the CONE ULTRA HD MK ink and Precisioncolors PCK3HD inks to create a HYBRID ink set to help the R2880 print as dark a black tone onto that uncoated paper.
The prints onece dryed were sprayed with a Matte UV Art Protectant Spray ( Krylon ) and this step deepened the shadows and the blackest black even more.
Hopefully the video will show that.

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Please watch: "There is a New Change Concerning the PC Signature Edition Option"

How To Remove R1900, R2880, P400 and R2000 Print Head?

Welcome To Print Head Removal Tutorial!

0:15 - Shows the printer needs power to move the print head containment freely
1:22 - Remove Ribbon on the side from printer containment
2:10 - Remove 1 plastic on the side with screw driver
2:49 - Remove chip in front of the print head with screw driver
3:52 - Remove 3 screws from the print head
4:50 - Pull out the print head and carefully unplug the cable from the print head
5:40 - Lastly, tape the chip on the print head to prevent ink from touching it




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