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J.S. Bach: MAGNIFICAT [complete version]

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750):
MAGNIFICAT - D-Dur BWV 243 (1723,1730)
- historically informed performance on period instruments

Anna Nesyba - Soprano I
Monteverdichor Würzburg
Monteverdi Ensemble
Matthias Beckert (cond.)

26.10.2014, Neubaukirche, Würzburg, Germany
Léo Boivin : 1. Magnificat 0:10
2. Et exsultavit 3:23
3. Quia respexit 5:52
4. Omnes generationes 8:39
5. Quia fecit 10:13
6. Et misericordia 12:16
7. Fecit potentiam 16:08
8. Deposuit potentes 18:10
9. Esuriendes implevit 20:37
10. Suscepit Israel 23:29
11. Sicut locutus 25:39
12. Gloria 27:07
Betsy Burke : Beautiful, my favourite version so far.
Leonhard Euler : 8:39 I love this part
Fernando Soares : Pura alegria. Uma alegria contida, interior, sóbria esta que Bach teve o génio de oferecer à humanidade! Adradecimentos a Monteverdi Würzburg, pela partilha.
Anıl Onur : ahahhahahh MILF! ahahhahahha MILF! Am I the only one hearing this? I beg your pardon :/
Ron Simmons : Stylistically to intonation from everyone this performance is lacking.
ferdinand gombert : Hearing this, I realized i don't need no ID's in this youtube system.
F to B
arjenbij : Double bass player having the time of his life :)
rob mack : All generations shall call me blessed , for he who is mighty has done great things for me, and holy is His name.
Yves Pigeon : Grandiose. Merci beaucoup.

Taizé - Magnificat Anima Mea Dominum

Taize \r
The Taize Community is an ecumenical monastic order that invites people of different Christian faiths to worship together. They are well known for their contemplative hymns in many languages \r
Hil Atomic : Lord, we want go home!
Salvador Alejandro Martínez Mendoza : MAGNÍFICAT ANIMA MEA DOMINUM
Campanile Forever TV : Posso usare questo brano per un video?
Eduardo Cáceres C. : Estimados y estimadas: Sepan que la experiencia de Taizé me marcó profundamente en mi vida. Conocí esta vivencia en mis estudios en España... luego visité el pueblo de Taizé... estuve con el Hno Roger... conocí grandes personas... Al volver a Chile puse en práctica esta oración.... Mi primer libro de liturgia tiene muchas páginas dedicadas a Taizé... Ahora ... ya después de largos años, sigo haciendo clases de liturgia y por las noches escucho y rezo con las hermosas melodías de Taizé que me evocan tanta historia... Sólo compartir con ustedes esta experiencia de alguien que aún vibra con Taizé... Saludos fraternos desde Chile....
Ewatone Lala : ❤❤❤
박서현 : 감회가 새롭게 듣고갑니다
Dutheile Dzouma-guelet : Oh Marie!!! Quelle joie de te connaître maman
Sioline Chan : Merci à vous tous communauté de Taizé, grand merci
Fédération des mères Combattantes : l
Valent Raphael : J'aime bien cette version

Magnificat (Tone 2, D, g.)

Gregorian chant notation from the Liber Usualis (1961), pp.207-214. Latin lyrics sung by the Monk's Choir of the Liguge Abbey.
Ny Lon : Beautiful
Marcelo a : hola, muchas gracias por su inmenso trabajo. Como puedo bajar la partitura para imprimir? gracias
Marta Acosta : This is magnificent- and yes, I noticed the discrepancy. But I love this version because —even though we know Mary would not have sung it in Latin— it is like her, simple, humble, but holy. Thanks for this.
FRAGIORGIO1 : There are several differences in some ending notes as to what is sung.
larsruben1 : Deo Gratias
Greg Scott : It would be even better with no instrumental accompaniment.
Imelda Tierra : A gratitude of every human in this world "THE SPIRIT OF VALOR" the "INVITATION" to fight every evil thoughts, mind and spirit.
Imelda Tierra : "Courage is not simply a virtue; It is the form of every virtue  at the testing point."
jum hitty : What do the asterisks mean? I have an english psalter modeled after the breviary and the text has asterisks in the middle of phrases.
PinkIllimani : The score doesn't correspond with the record. Did anyone else notice this?




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