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Geppetto - 2000

"Disney magic brings life to this brand-new comedic and musical retelling of the truth-stretching puppet who miraculously transforms into a real boy! Drew Carey (The Drew Carey Show) stars as the man whose dearest wish to be a father is granted by the sparkling Blue Fairy (Seinfeld's Julia Louis-Dreyfus). Original music combines with timeless classic songs as Geppetto encounters the everyday challenges of raising a child. When Pinocchio is lured away to join the sneaky Stromboli and Pleasure Island troublemakers, Geppetto discovers what it really means to be a father who must embark on on a dangerous to reunite with his missing son. Your entire family will love this heartwarming and fun new Disney musical production of one of the world's greatest stories!"

Apologies for the imperfect transfer, but it turns out the VHS I used was previously a rental copy so I'm actually surprised it looks this good in the first place.

Transferred from an out-of-print VHS because everyone deserves to witness the cheese and sappiness that is Geppetto. I had nothing to do with this movie let alone try to claim anything as my own, simply trying to keep what few out-of-print VHSes I have alive.

Geppetto (c) Disney

Since I Gave My Heart Away

Since I Gave My Heart Away, performed by Drew Carey and Julia Lewis-Dreyfus.\r
From "Geppetto", a made-for-TV musical.

Pinochio- Geppetto finds that Pinochio has come alive ! HD - Classic !

Classic Film ! Classic moment in Pinochio!
To cute !




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