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#TalkAboutBias Summary Video

#TalkAboutBias pairs 14 strangers together to have difficult but productive conversations about race and bias. Topics lean heavily towards racial bias, but also include conversations around sexuality and gender. Each of the seven conversations is edited down to ~13m, and played in series over the course of the experiment. After each conversation, our host (Jessie Williams and Freddie Ransome) and expert advisor (Dr. Charisse L’Pree) react and dissect the discourse, adding additional context and commentary for the viewer. The experience is anchored in Procter and Gamble's bold short film "The Look," which depicts a series of vignettes around micro aggressions towards a black male protagonist. P\u0026G's commitment to end racial bias is spotlighted during the introduction and conclusion, along with other resources for viewers wanting to do more.

P&G | Choose Equal

In every downturn and disaster in history, gender equality has been set back as women have stepped forward. Today we have another chance for equality if we all choose to step forward as equals and set a higher standard. Care Equal. Hire Equal. Pay Equal. Do Equal. Choose Equal. At home and at work. For an equal future. #WeSeeEqual #PGGoodEveryday

Masks On, Ohio | When We’re Out, It’s #MasksOn.

Wearing a mask can protect you and everyone around you. We are joining forces with businesses across Ohio to help stop the spread. Show us you're wearing your masks. If you're out, #MasksOn.




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