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HP 1102 printer fuser Teflon cover Replacement

How to open and change a HP 1102 laser jet printer
Cantinho da Praia Riviera : Acho melhor levar a minha pra você resolver esse peroblema de "a hp laserjet sofreu um erro fusor de hardware". Manda uma mensagem pra mim dizendo o end. de tua oficina! 13 99726-3456 Corretor Valdir Cipriano
Selman Gül : Yardımın için teşekkürler yazıcı tam bozuldu
Aspmoheskhali circle : ধন্যবাদ, আপনার এই সুন্দর এবং উপকারী ভিডিও টির জন্য। এই সমস্যার সমাধান করতে কেমন খরচ পড়ে জানালে উপকৃত হবো।
Boniface Vwalika : i just love this little printer it's awesome
Bhimrao Yakapur : Very useful video sir.
Rocky Basumatary : Thanks .. bro..
ihsan wahyudi : thx bro..awesome
BOUSAADI MOHAMED : شكرا /merci /Thann you
Pathma Kumara : thax dear
Krishnendu Das : Mera hp lesarjet 1020 printer.Mera printer mey paper jam ka ak naya separate tarika hota hay.command meyi one copy dega tho one copy print achha tarika sey nikal jata hey
but dousra ek paper ko khich leta hey lekin print hota nehi,total blank paper Thora nikalke roukh jatahay.kya problem have malum nehi parta.please problem ka bare me batadigiyaga.ouur Teflon tube ka Ander hitter ka uppor me kounsa pest or oil Dena hay?

How to fix Paper Misfeed HP LaserJet P1102 printer

Model: HP LaserJet P1102 printer

Pick-up roller Part No.: RL1-2593
Amazon https://amzn.to/2Sm0MqO

Separation Pad Part No.: RM1-4006
Amazon https://amzn.to/2Q44ecP

Music by:
0:02 Lucky Day - Jingle Punks
1:05 Payday - Jason Farnham

#HPLaserJetP1102 #PaperMisfeed
rayyan ahmed : WOW IT WORKED
Deepal Nanayakkara : I had decided to throw away my HP Deskjet P1102 because of paper feeding error. I tried this. It is working. Thank you.
Precious Ejezie : Worked perfectly...thanks
Sakis K. : Thank you!!!!!
Dodong Plengzkie : Thank you this video
A. M. : Dude, you've saved my life! Thank you.
Gabi Litmanovitz : I was going to buy a new printer. Thanks a lot
Alex Andrade : YOU ARE THE BEST. ♥
amr salah : That really worked , thank you very much , i was about to buy a new printer .
Mags Color : done changing the pick-up roller but its still jammed please reply

HP LaserJet Pro P1102w Printer(CE658A), How to configure wireless settings

HP LaserJet Pro P1102w Printer (CE658A)
How to Enable Ad Hoc, modify settings, reset to factory default or assigning IP Fixe on HP LaserJet Pro P1102w Printer (CE658A) without access to Modem.
(HP1102W CE657A is a little bit different but should work)
1) Check your settings, to do that, press and hold Cancel button for printing one configuration page
2) We can see that there are there are some personal settings
3) We need to restore the printer to factory-set default settings
4) Press the Power button to turn off the product.
5) Press the Power button to turn on the product.
6) The product begins to initialize.
7) During init press and hold the Cancel button and the Wireless button for 10 seconds
.../... until 2 LED lights blink together, and then release both buttons.
LED lights blink alternatively until only green led is on.
The factory default settings are restored.
8) Press and hold cancel button for printing one new configuration page
9) You can see that your printer report shows IP Address to, same for subnet, default gateway...
And the Direct Print is off.
10) Now go on one computer of your wireless domain (wired or wireless).
And launch full software from hp support
11) Follow this simple steps! (I cut a little bit the waiting time)
12) Now close all windows and come back to your Printer P1102W.
13) Press and hold cancel button for printing one new configuration page.
14) Note carrefully : IPv4, Subnet and Ip Default Gateway and come back on your computer
15) It should be 169.254.xxx.xxx, modify your network settings as following...
169.254.XXX.XXX+1, subnet and gateway as on your last printed page.
16) Open your browser and go to the http site of the IP printer address.
17) Once you are in the Printer Web-Interface,
Go to “Networking” and configure your wireless network and click
18) Configure back the TCP/IP Network Properties of your computer as origin.
19) Once it’s configured and working, you should be able to ping the printer with his new IP and configure it on all your posts.
20) That's all folk!!!
Vijay Sharma : Don't waste time. No voice no solution. Didn't work.
Erikson Magnaye : were same model nut keeps printing two pages of configuration cant show the alternating or together light of two leds
Naturally Dope : Thanks this helped me. It worked! I now have a working $10 laser printer.
Fayyaz Ahmad : I like it wwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww
ahmadkors : thank you so much
Lucas Caliel Borges Sousa : just make every thing worse
Bento Gomes : nao emtedi
Mario Calado : Tenho uma impressora dessa 1102w....fiz tudo que se pode fazer: limpei a solenóide, inverti a borracha que puxa o papel, estiquei as molas da bandeja e mesmo assim o defeito continuava (puxava o papel um pouco e parava).
Daí, observei que existem duas travas embaixo da bandeja e percebi que, justamente a trava do lado que amassava um pouco o papel, estava fora do lugar. Fiz um pouco de força e a coloquei na mesma posição da outra. PRONTO, RESOLVIDO O PROBLEMA !
Varjú Henrietta : This printer is a POS. HP should be ashamed every putting it on the market.
Naqash Sadique : After 4hours of trying to get this printer to work I finally did it. First I reset the printer as shown in the video and then paired it with my router. It just connected. I had tried this before but without resetting the printer. No installation needed in Windows 10




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