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Desarrollo de PWA

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PWA (progressive web apps) vs RWD in 2019

What is a progressive web app, and why HTML5 makes the web stack, the most important development stack in the game.

PWA is short for: Progressive Web App. PWA I believe, will be a major contributing factor to the slow demise of the native mobile developer.

RWD is short for: Responsive Web Design.

Some useful links:

My take on Swift development:

My popular courses:
Learn web development fast:
Learn Python 3 fast:

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#pwa #mobiledevelopment #html5 #progressivewebapp
robert longoria : Thanks I think this was a very good overview. I had been wondering about PWA vis-a-vie RWD you made it clear.
queenstownswords : So if you write a PWA, how do you sell it?
Northling : What about integrating a PWA with the app store and Google play store? This is a very important feature for almost everyone making mobile apps.
Sevdalink : What about browser support for pwa? Will our business suffer from that? Could you please give us guidelines how to solve that problem?
7brandonc : 9:05 it's a what technology?
Ellie Meyer : I love browser based stuff..
MrTron : I wonder how well PWAs can replace business applications? Given how they can run and scale on virtually every device without having to create multiple applications they seem to be a very compelling choice. Run the PWA on an intranet and it can install on every device used by the organization.
humanyoda : A quick search on the web has revealed that PWA can access cameras and camera rolls. (With some difficulties.)
Jérémy Young : Hello Stefan !

Do you know this site: ?
Today you can have access to a lot of thing with an PWA :)
Horace Keung : Camera and microphone should already be supported, please read the doc:

Curso Angular - Aplicación PWA, Introdución y Concepto

Tutorial de #Angular y PWA (Aplicación Web Progresiva), explicación de conceptos e implementación.

¿Qué es PWA?: 1:27
LightHouse: 6:26
Angular + PWA: 8:52

Comandos utilizados:
ng build --prod
ng add @angular/pwa

Descargar LightHouse (Chrome):

Entrada sobre PWA en Google Developers:


Web Site:
✅ Facebook:
✅ Instagram:
✅ Twitter:
Miriam Orjuela : disculpe mi ignorancia poco entiendo de los temas tecnicos, mi pregunta es si ya tengo una web la puedo convertir en una pwa
Ricardo Tovar : Buen video.. Habrá segunda parte?
Leonardo Solano : Gracias por compartir, que gran video
Franco Gallo : Una pregunta: Si tengo mi app ionic publicada en algun store, y le doy funcionalidad de PWA, tendría sentido? Pregunto desde la ignorancia, programo en Angular pero me confunde un poco el mundo de las app híbridas.
AMADEUS PARANÁ : Muy bueno Ignacio, sabés si con ionic se evita éste paso o hay que instalar igual @angular/pwa?...gracias...
Predator Scar : Genial, este curso sera gratis?
Miguel De La Garza : Un poco largo el vídeo para lo que pude haber aprendido en 2 minutos. Igual el concepto es bueno
Jairo Quispe Padilla : Excelente video




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