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Must Watch before you buy a BMW R1200GS

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moonlighter6 : Absolutely, buy a used BMW bike, have fun don't trash it, more resale value that a beaten to hell Honda Africa. The reason I bought a used Toyota FJ-Cruiser 6-Speed manual transmission 4x4. I don't miss my left nut that much.
Robert D : Dude, you know nothing about these bikes. It’s embarrassingly bad.
MotoBandit ZA : Issues so far - R1200GS LC 2013 40000km on the clock +- replaced both front and rear rims twice (Spokes), heavy wear on rear brake pads, wobbly front end at 140kmh with paniers, no pannier wobbly at 170km/h. Rear right indicator melted, excessive wear on grips. Three new batteries, replaced rear shock, replaced charger, replaced burnt out stator coil, now having fork bridge issues and gearbox issues not to mention the windshield mounts keep cracking and breaking I replace every service. Normal commuting roughly 80km a day. Completed 1 big trip +- 6000kms and of that 400km was dirt. Biggest money pit ever. Selling mine as soon as I can.
Mark H Pluygers : You really need the shift assist. Your 0 to 100 was SO slow, now I know how good the option is, we have the same bike! Shift assist knocks off a loads of time for sure! Thanks for the share
The Big Empty _ : expensive? The Harley Street Glides are 25K just to walk in the dealership door...no ABS/not heated grips etc. I have an 18' Triumph Bonneville T120/ de cat with X-pipe, BC predator pro pipes, and K&N air filter/progressive front spring and Fox piggy back rear shocks - I rode with some Harley guys riding street glides and it was kind of funny listening to them hit the throttle and I'd hear a loud noise but barely see the bike move. I had a hard time riding behind them. One of them piped off and called my bike a moped. I really wanted to leave their asses in the corners, but too much traffic and I'm a nice guy. :D

R1200gs adv 수리 할까 말까 고민 끝에...(feat.사고차 판별법)

bmw r1200gs adv 12년식 중고가 830만원(최저가)에 올라왔길래
부산에서 서울로 탁송 받아 봅니다.

그 결과는 영상을 통해 확인해 봅니다...

#bmw #r1200gs #12년식 #중고 #후기 #탁송 #꿀팁 #매물보는법#
데헷 : 와 오토바이 점화코일 하고 플러그 비싸네요
K5 LPG 기준 점화코일 개당 2만원 플러그 개당 6200원 꼴인데 소모품 교체 비용 후덜덜 합니다
byron _ss : 다행이네여. 어후...끔찍하네 상상만해도
HOON : 반송탁송료도 반이나 받고 전금액 환불받았으면 엄청 성공한거 아닙니까?
판매자가 의도적으로 알고도 팔았으면 그것도 쌩깠을텐데... 무척 다행입니다.
HOON : 점화코일이 저게 실화냐 진짜 대박이네
혼다차도 정품이 개당 10만원 호환이라도 3~4만원인데
bmw모터싸이클은 센터인데도 이리 비싼가? 점화코일 4개에 백이라니... 거기다 공임도 별도인데... 그럼 모터로드는 더 비쌀텐데... 진짜 bmw는 너무 하는군... 왜 bmw사지 말라하는지 이해가 가네요.. 할리도 마찮가지고...
임정우 : 반송되서 다행이네요
전 자신이 없어서 중고는 엥간하면 놉 합니다 ㅡ

R1200GS Header Polish

Quick video showing how I polish the exhaust headers on my BMW R1200GS.

Start with powerful limescale remover and then polish.

Music credit - Kielicaster
Don Reece : how long does it last before you have to do it again?
Nikolay Zhivkov : Very well done! Nice and shine!
rumien 13 : That’s better than mine have ever looked , after a clean.
Chris Preston : Brilliant. Where do you buy the polishing stuff?
Michael Scott : My OC nature loves this ... well done great job




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