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How to use a Composite Audio Video Selector for Connecting DVD Media players to TV

MX Audio video selector (PLASTIC BODY) switch with three analog inputs and one analog output. MX selector switch help you to solve the cables installation problems so that you are no longer to pull out and plug in all AV input sources to your television. It is easy to handle and compatible to all AV devices.\r
It is very simple and easy to install.\r
It will solve your cable installation problems.\r
It provides 3 \u0026 4 AV inputs and 1 AV output.\r
No power supply required.\r
It will give you high quality signal output.\r
It is maintenance free.\r
It is compatible to all AV devices like Video, VCD, DVD, TV game, Play station, cable TV, Satellite, Camcorder etc.\r
It is easy to hook up to your TV-Monitor-VCR to 3 different sources like Video recorder, Video camera, Video games, HI-FI systems etc.\r
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